Metro Fence Industries’ residential projects are very important to us. Every home, rental property, estate, condominium complex etc. has its own needs and its own structure. Metro Fence's sales force provides our clients with real fence knowledge and consideration while working with individual projects. We value the manufacturing aspect as well as the aesthetic element of fencing for the home. Most importantly though, the satisfaction of our client is what we put first and foremost. Metro Fence sets all posts at least 24” deep and at least 8” wide and core drills in most cases of rock to 6” in depth. Other fence companies cut corners but Metro Fence Industries takes pride in all our work and we build every fence to code for customer safety and quality. At the end of every job we have a lead installer, or lead foreman, (depending on the size and the degree of detail) walk the entire job inspecting all hook-ups, level of posts and gates and overall quality to ensure customer satisfaction. Metro Fence can design and install any quality fence that fits the need of your property. Please browse our gallery to the right to get an idea of some of our recent and best projects.