Why Metro Fence?


Metro Fence recognizes that not all projects are alike and we cater our process to meeting the customer’s specific needs. While other fence companies cut corners to get the job done more profitably for them, Metro Fence Industries takes pride in all our work and we build every fence to code for customer safety and quality. This starts with having a well defined process. The process starts with scheduling an appointment to meet with you on site. On site, we will discuss your needs and desires, as well as provide options to meet those needs. We will then take measurements, pictures and notes. Back in the office, we will formulate a plan based on the information and will submit a quote to you. We will also present a drawing of your layout to ensure that we are in agreement as to the work being quoted. Upon approval, Metro Fence will schedule your installation. As part of our commitment to quality, Metro Fence sets all posts at least 24” deep and at least 8” wide and core drills in most cases of rock to 6” in depth. We will then wait 24-48 hours to let the concrete cure. At the end of every job, a lead installer (or lead foreman depending on the size and the degree of detail) will walk the entire job inspecting all hook-ups, level of posts and gates and overall quality to ensure customer satisfaction.